What Is Lead Distribution and How Does It Work?

12th November, 2021
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What is lead distribution?

Lead distribution is the process of routing qualified, appropriately interested prospects to relevant interactions and conversion paths. Depending on industry and marketing objectives, qualified leads can be assigned to a particular sales representative or segmented for follow-up campaigns under the guidance of a lead nurturing program. More sophisticated lead distribution platforms tie data feeds like CRM systems and email marketing solutions with other data sources like web analytics or social media engagement metrics.

What is a lead distribution platform?

The lead distribution platform is where all inbound leads are gathered and distributed to the appropriate team for follow-up, handling, or closing. This process helps increase efficiency by ensuring that every incoming lead has the opportunity for valuable human time spent on it. It also maximizes conversion rates by optimizing lead nurturing techniques specifically tailored to each audience segment. These processes streamline the best practices of email marketing into an automated nurture engine that sends personalized emails at just the right moment to guide prospects towards making a purchase decision.

What is the lead management process?

  • Lead capturing: Like any sales system, lead capturing is the process of identifying potential sales opportunities. Companies do this by advertising their product or service in places where buyers are most likely to see them. The more exposure a company gets, the more leads may come in that require further follow-up. This can be done through television commercials, radio ads, social media campaigns, banner ads on relevant websites and publications - anything to get noticed!
  • Lead enrichment & tracking: Lead enrichment is a way of organizing tracked lead information for better resource allocation. Using an SQL database, LeadTracker records each lead with identifying data that tells us who they are and how to contact them. With this information at our fingertips, we can do searches based on gender, company size, location, and industry. This helps us identify contactees most appropriate for any given campaign or outbound calls - so you always have your best foot forward with the folks who matter most!
  • Lead qualification: Lead qualification is a sales and marketing system that is used to qualify a prospect or customer before moving forward with any sales pitch.

    Typically, this process consists of sending the potential customer an email through which they are given the chance to request more information about what's being offered. Those who respond will then be matched with an appropriate contact person within the business for further conversation on their needs. This way, companies can save time Get a Free Consultationing with people who are uninterested in what they have to offer without burning bridges for those customers who do show promise.
  • Lead distribution: Leads are given to sales reps, marketing collaterals are sent out, marketing managers review the efficiency of the campaign to determine what needs to be improved, and so on. Marketing could not effectively perform these tasks if their department was not working in tandem with sales. As such, lead distribution can play an important role in how well a company does at generating leads - but only if everyone involved knows about it.
  • Lead nurturing: Lead nurturing is the process of gathering customer data and then following up with them to maintain their interest in you or your product. When done correctly, lead nurturing can benefit an organization by making it easier for sales reps to make contact with prospects, reducing the number of leads generated from cold calls, helps identify hot leads who are ready to buy now or next month
  • Lead management software allows marketers to export large amounts of data into a spreadsheet format where they can sort and categorize information about customers. This way if someone fills out a form on your website for more information it will be easy for you to generate a template email response that is customized based on what they've provided in that initial email fill-out.

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