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Exotic Technology specializes in ERC721 smart contracts in addition to website and CRM to support your NFT launch. It empowers you to launch your own white-label NFT store or NFT marketplace.

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Why Us

An NFT One-Stop Shop

In a world that shifts and redefines innovation, you'll need all the skills, support, and professional guidance you can get. Exotic technology is proud of its broad product line. As a fast-paced Technology firm, we offer a one-stop shop for all your requirements, from concept to launch. we'll make it all happen!

Enterprise Friendly

Smart contracts, website design, KYC onboarding, modular access permissions, and unique CRMs are only part of the features catering to the exact needs off your brand.

Multi-Blockchain Support

Our clients can focus on what's really important now, which is their content and community growth. We removed the technical complexities associated with NFTs and made it simple for anybody to utilize, allowing them to concentrate on more essential matters.

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Getting Started

A personal success manager will assist you with creating the most appropriate package for your requirements.

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Become an NFT Project or Platform Owner

NFTs are becoming increasingly popular. Naturally, there is a lot of interest in safe and encrypted marketplaces and brokerages that enable buyers and sellers to view, commission, and trade NFTs.

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Some of our Smart contract functions include:

  • Minting new NFT's
  • Ownership history
  • NFT reveal function
  • Owner limit function
  • Whitelist address for minting/ presale
  • Random token to art (generate attributes)
  • Function to mint via alt payment methods (e.g credit card)
  • Auto mint for paying user
  • Interface to OpenSea
  • Royalty interface
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  • API to IPFS hosting
  • Integration to peer-to-peer network for storing NFT
  • API to credit card PSP
    allows clients to mint without crypto (via API to CC provider)
  • Bot API for Discord and Telegram ( for the community )
  • API to crypto liquidity provider
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We can connect you to all of the best wallets on the market by your demand and needs,includingv: Metamask, Coinbase, Enjin, Alphawallet, Trust Wallet, Math Wallet and others.

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Airdrop (Initial NFT Offerings)

Choose the appropriate Airdrop mode for your campaign to increase interaction while also giving your users treasured memories.

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Initial NFT Offerings (INO)

Offer a restricted number of initial NFTs to generate buzz and anticipation for your projects ahead of time. It's one of the ways we empower you to enhance the value of your project by growing its active followers to help ensure your community's long-term health and growth.

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