Niches of NFTs can make a profit

15th February, 2022
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People buy and sell images and GIFs on the NFT marketplaces. But art is not the only niche where NFTs can be applied. People can use it for videos, music, game characters and skins, Metaverses, investment offers, property, trade collectibles.
Are you looking for the best NFT niches to tap into one of the most profitable businesses in 2022? There are the best NFT niches, so you can start an NFTs marketplace to take full advantage of this lucrative trend starting today.


You can clearly see the NFT art trend is still growing, and now is just the perfect moment to tap into it. There is a massive online community moving the art world into new territory. You don`t even need to be an artist to tap into an art niche. You can simply create NFT marketplaces where people will buy and sell NFT art.
Art is the most popular NFT niche, but it is also the one with the most competition. The decision is to collect something unique and valuable for the art niche users.


Many artists still do not earn enough from listening to their music, with the most revenue coming from tours. And this is exactly when NFT comes into play in this niche. Music NFTs are changing the way fans connect with their favorite artists.
You can create an NFT marketplace where musicians can upload unique or limited versions of songs and people will buy these songs. You can now sell any music content that cannot be counterfeited.
Moreover, the NFT music trend is clearly growing in interest. Which makes this a very solid NFT niche for profits.


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for sports media will generate more than US$2 billion in transactions in 2022, according to research from Deloitte.
The most common and lucrative application of NFTs in the sports niche will likely be the sale of limited edition video clips of sporting moments or players’ cards. The value of each NFT will depend on the prominence of the athlete, the significance of the sports event, country, etc.
You should find a sub-niche in the sports niche and create something unique to maximize your chances of creating a profitable sport NFT marketplace.


A unique digital object can have a significant monetary value, just like a work of art, because of its uniqueness. As a result, photographs offer a wide range of new possibilities in contemporary art for artists, buyers, and collectors alike.
And people can look at it and take screenshots of it, but there is only one owner. It makes photography is the best NFT niche for NFT marketplace owners who are looking for distinction. With the growing interest in this trend, the NFT photography niche will probably be one of the profitable niches in 2022.


The gaming NFTs can be tracks, cars, and tires in racing games. Player cards, manager packs, special tactics can be NFTs in football games. In games, users can purchase pieces of virtual land, develop properties and run businesses. In other words, every game has its unique collectibles that can be valuable and make playing the game enjoyable. These collectibles are not owned by the game developers but by the players that purchased them and can be sold on an NFT marketplace or swapped with another player.
The NFT game niche is one of the most versatile niches for NFT. You can build your NFTs marketplace around the gaming niche and make it profitable without using other NFT niches.


Metaverses are blockchain-fueled alternative realities where users can create and trade digital assets and play games. NFTs categories like art, collectibles, and videos are all used in the metaverse, with ecosystems built and maintained by the crypto community.
In the metaverse NFTs niche, the possibilities are endless. Users can buy and sell land parcels, wearables, skins, worlds, etc.
NFTs metaverse niche is one of the growing NFT niches and can generate high profit. If you want to create an NFT marketplace, this niche can make your business successful.

Prospective niches

We really came to a point where we had to think out of the box.

Online studying

These NFTs marketplaces should offer services for online learning. It can include selling the entire course, books, guides, and communicating with the teachers.

Investment projects

These NFT marketplaces would function like stock markets for investment projects trading. They should have the power of issuance of legally valid assets with proprietary rights.


NFTs can work as keys to various content, programs, databases, operational systems, or events. To sell these NFTs the platform should focus on security and it should support recognition systems like Touch ID, Face ID, etc.

To sum up

Although NFTs marketplaces are a new business, these are the best NFT niches that can make any NFT marketplace earn a huge income.
If you find your niche, you definitely have serious chances to build a great business. How to build an NFT marketplace? Entrust your project blockchain professionals like Exotic Technologies and their experts to create your own NFTs collections or marketplace.

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